We do brownies too!

You may have noticed that at Oski's we have a bit of a crush on all things chocolate which is why we are mad about brownies too. They are something we've always loved to make and so seemed a natural progression in terms of the products we offer...plus they mean we can get out on the road and meet you lovely lot during the summer months (because lets be honest selling chocolate at food events and festivals in the height of summer can get a bit on melt-y!).

How we 'do' brownies

Us being us we had to make the brownies the best they could possibly be because anything less than that just wouldn't be worth doing. It took us a while to develop our core range (ok so it was just a really great excuse to 'taste test' a boat load of brownies) which means we really have something for everyone. But...we couldn't just leave it there, oh no we had to take it one indulgent step further and create our fully loaded brownies (as far as we can see no one else is offering this awesome street food style concept). So in addition to a mouth watering fudgy brownie we add truly tasty toppings too! (See an example menu below)


The Parknie

We may have mentioned that we're from Yorkshire and as such are a bit obsessed with lots of Yorkshire's foodie greats such as Hendos (Henderson's Relish if you're not from round these parts), Yorkshire Tea, Rhubarb and the very awesome Parkin. Parkin, if you're not familiar with it, is a squidgy ginger cake made with oatmeal and black treacle and tends to be popular around Bonfire Night. Kate and Charlotte's Grandma makes impressive Parkin using an old family recipe and it got us to thinking...would Parkin and Brownie go together? And it turns out they totally do so the Parknie was born...a blend of all that's brilliant about Parkin (sticky gingery-ness) and Brownies (decadent chocolatey-ness). 

We do brownies you say 'I do'

Our brownie bar was proving so popular that people started asking to incorporate it into their weddings and events...so in the spirit of weddings we said yes! When we are at food events you'll normally spot us in our navy Oski's gazebo which we can indeed hire out, fully staffed, to serve your guests the ultimate in brownies. We do however know this isn't for everyone and so have also now launched our styled brownie bars. We work with you to provide a bar styled to match your event including serveware, furniture, finishing touches plus the all important brownies and toppings. If you fancy setting up your own bar we can also just provide the brownies. >Inquire here<


Food Festivals, Markets and Pop-Ups

So where can I get my hands on one of these bad boys I hear you cry...well the simple answer at the moment is to check out which events we will next be at as well as our social media. We don't always take our brownies to events (like we don't take our chocolate to all our events) so we will always point out what we'll have with us.

We are also happy to 'pop up' in a variety of other places including bars, clubs, cinemas, parks, music events, product launches, shopping centres, etc. and will announce these on both our events page and social media. If you'd like us to pop up at your event drop us a message here.

Example Brownie Menu


  • Regular chocolate brownie  served with cream, marbled chocolate swirls, choc fudge brownie pieces & chocolate sauce

  • Salted caramel brownie served with cream, crunchy caramel pebbles, caramel fudge pieces & salted caramel sauce

  • Peanut butter brownie  served with cream, chipotle roast nuts & chocolate sauce

  • Parknie served with cream, mini ginger cubes & white chocolate sauce

  • Oreo brownie served with cream, oreo crumb, oreo cookie & white chocolate sauce

  • Chocolate orange brownie served with cream, orange fruit crunch, milk chocolate curls & chocolate sauce

  • Funfetti blondie served with cream, rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate drops & rasoberry sauce

  • Vegan raspberry & almond brownie served with vegan cream, flaked almonds, star sprinkles & vegan chocolate sauce